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        Common Environments: Mobile and Stationary mixers
        at construction sites, mines, underground/infrastructure
        sites. “Shotcrete” – sprayed concrete; Gunite, Collodial
        grout application
        Why use an Air Motor: Due to remote nature, air motors
        make an ideal choice. Often 2-3 units used in this
        application (mixing and pumping system)
        Why Rotary Vane Technology is best:
        Mixtures are dusty and dirty and application is exposed to
        harsh outdoor environments, which rotary vane can
        perform in
        Alternatives can be:
        For very high torque requirements, Hydraulic Motors, but
        they are:
        • Larger and heavier
        • Very expensive
        • Require service
        Radial Piston:
        • For higher torque requirements- often 16AM with gear
        reducer can meet similar need
        • Complex componentry
        • Significantly more expensive
        Considerations: Often accompanied by gear-reducers



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