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Join with me to discuss Lou Malloy and his friends as to where they have been and where they are going. We will talk about places and things. Get the readers opinions about some travel topics and other neat things to do.

The Last Pelican is out

Lou Malloy travels to Key West to find his father and gets more than he bargained for. There he discovers his dad is not dead, but working for the CIA as an undercover operative guarding a drug runner and his wife from a Mexican cartel known as the Cyclops Cartel in Tampico, Mexico. Because nothing is ever simple, Malloy get wrapped up in looking for three IEDs that were part of a package to supply guns and drugs to the Mexicans for the payment of $2 billion. Now the money, guns and drugs are missing along with the drug runner and his wife. The Last Pelican is an expansive book with lots of action and because Hilary Kelly is in the action with Lou, there never is a dull moment.

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