Voodoo Moon Rising

A Indigo Marsh Detective Series
Voodoo Moon Rising
by J. Frank James

Indigo Marsh had things all planned until a lawyer friend asked him to collect some money from a low life client who happened to work for a local drug lord named Tony Dee. Enlisting the help of his friend, Dillon St. James, getting the money was like taking candy from a baby until Tony Dee came to Marsh’s house to get the money back. After breaking Dee into little pieces Marsh figured he could get on with his life. He had tickets to the opening day of the Atlanta Braves opening day of spring training and he didn’t plan on missing it. Even when one of the richest men in the world came calling and money was no object. The plan was simple. Lock up everything and head to Orlando with his pal, B.K., his ninety pound boxer. It was a Friday when she walked in and asked him to find Liz Steele the wife of their star player, Sonny Steele. The answer was still no. Then he met Anna Sue Parker and well, the Braves would have to wait. That was before he found trouble knocking on his door in the form of the missing woman he had been hired to find. It was too easy. Like a Greek bearing gifts, she four problems in the form of drugs, gold treasure, a mysterious key and money. Bad combinations for Marsh in his line of business, but he made the decision not to get involved and to send her to new client that had hired him to find her until she went missing again. This time Marsh feared she was missing for good until he found out she wasn’t the real Liz Steele. Sensing things weren’t right Marsh decided it was time to talk to Sonny Steele, except Marsh had a problem. Steele was dead and he was now a person of interest. Marsh now had to get on the move. Traveling to Sea Island just off the coast of Georgia, he found more problems than solutions. It seemed Steele, along with his wife, was making sex videos in his home which was all but abandoned. Showing the picture of Liz Steele to a local party girl that St. James knew, Marsh learned that it was a picture of a different person entirely and she lived on the island. Learning that the woman’s name was Cristie Luck, Marsh talks to her and learns that Liz had a twin sister. So who came to his house was the question of the day. Figuring that his client wasn’t telling him everything there was to know, he meets up with his old boss from his days at the National Security Administration, Alexander Nomad, who wants to recruit him back into his old unit. It seems that Nomad is looking for Liz Steele too, but he knows her as Amanda Hartnett and she was supposed to be in a witness protection program except for the fact that an incompetent agent by the name of Chuck Jinks, put the wrong person in the program. It seemed Hartnett had a twin sister and he mistakenly put her in instead. Marsh had little use for Jinks and said that he wouldn’t work with him. To clear his mind, Marsh decides to head home and spend some time off the grid. Except a voodoo queen by the name of Queen Alhambra showed up at his office requesting his services to help her save her island home from some greedy real estate investors, one of whom is T.J. Bright, the man Marsh is working for. Still, in for a penny, in for a pound, Steele and St. James go visit the Queen at her island home where Marsh learns that the key he got from the phony Liz was a bus locker key. After securing the contents of the locker he learns that it is a set of formulas for the synthesizing of artificial cocaine. Suddenly Marsh is being chased by some cocaine cowboys, the DEA, NSA and State and local police. Rushing back to Atlanta, he turns over what he has to Cart Jones, head of detectives on the Atlanta PD. Before he can make it back to his house he is kidnapped, beaten and left for dead. They should have killed him. Now Indigo Marsh angry and when he is angry he at his dangerous best.


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