Two Birds to Kill

J. Frank James Novel
Two Birds To Kill

Almost twenty years have passed since Lou Malloy left his home in Kansas and seen his parents. Hilary wants him to go to see them. Hearing of the visit, Max Reynolds wants Lou to put a stop to a worldwide counterfeiting operation. It all sounds simple, but that is just the surface. Underneath lays a crazed mastermind who wants to become the bank for the world and create a new world order. To help him is Lou’s old nemesis Joe Stanton, a worthless Treasury agent and Joey Traficante. In an effort to put Lou in a box, he is charged with four criminal offenses that his ‘get-out-of-jail’ card won’t cover. To win at the game and kill the counterfeit operation at its source in the Bahamas, Lou and the Crime Bandits have to survive a powerful hurricane.

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