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J. Frank James Novel
Rainbow Games

Lou Malloy never expected to hear from his brother, Sam Malloy and when he did he never expected it would be under these circumstances. Ever one to work the angles when it came to making money, Lou was convinced that his brother was in trouble and wanted to help, but also did not trust his brother when it came to telling the truth. Hilary, on the other hand, was not convinced. Lou had never mentioned a bother and as far as she was concerned he needed to stay lost. It seemed Sam had bought a seafood operation in a place called Unalaska. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Lou would later learn that the acquisition was made under illegitimate means. But that was a personal issue and Lou had a small job to do for Max Reynolds at Homeland Security. It seemed that Russia was working to get Alaska back from the United States because they claim they were never paid for it and Malloy and Kelly had to find proof that they did. In addition, there was another shipment of gold sent by the United States in 1869 to back up the initial payment fiasco, and that had been lost as well. To make things interesting an heir to the great Mongol leader, Genghis Khan, who is called Sala Khan, now wants to restore the lands of eastern Russia to its prominence on the world political stage. To do this he needs to start World War Three and Malloy and Kelly have to figure out how to stop him.


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