Only Two Cats

A Lou Malloy Crime Novel
Only Two Cats
by J. Frank James

Everything was going along as planned for Lou Malloy. He had figured out a way to get the money he had hidden in a casino that he and Hilary had robbed, a year ago with Crushers help. However, like a house of cards, one thing and then another started to happen along the way. First there was the attempt on his life by a sergeant in the Timucua Tribal Police Department and then Malloy’s old nemesis, Detective Sal Ramiro, trying to arrest him for crimes that there was no evidence that Malloy did them in the first place.

In the meantime, Hilary has decided she wants a pet she could call her own and told Malloy that she wanted a cat.

Malloy hated cats, but agrees to her request because he thinks the cat would not last a week living on Turtle Point property. But Hilary’s cat is no ordinary house cat. When Malloy learns that it is a black three hundred pound wild Panther from a neighboring wildlife sanctuary, he tells Hilary that she had better learn to take care of it. Naming the big cat, MOJO, Hilary is thrilled, but there is a problem. MOJO has a female friend show up, a snow leopard that she names, Pumpkin. Now Malloy has two cats. But nothing is as easy as it seems. Having gotten the money out of its hiding place and in his gator hole, Malloy now had to gamble on how he could keep what he had regardless of the cats.

As if dealing with the extra money he had to hide was not enough, his significant other, Hilary Kelly has been kidnapped by a vicious killer from Cuba and now Malloy has to gamble with not only Hilary’s life, but Crusher’s wife, Bunny, as well since she was taken at the same time as Hilary.

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