Last Flamingo

A Lou Malloy Crime Series

Last Flamingo

by J. Frank James

Marooned on an isolated island in the Bahamas following a bad hurricane, Hilary Kelly and Lou Malloy have to find a way back to their home in the states, but to do that they have to figure out how they can get quashed several arrest warrants issued against them. Unfortunately for them, their minder at Home Land Security, Max Reynolds, has other ideas. He wants them to find an ancient device known as a Stargate used by the Egyptians and refined by the Third Reich. However, right now Lou’s biggest hurdle is to simply survive the damage done by the hurricane and get back to Bonefish Cay where the Take Away was moored and try and make it back to home base. In the process of doing that, Hilary gets kidnapped by a mad man named Sin-Jin Hawk from the Fifth Dimension who is also looking for the Stargate so that he can return to China, overthrow the government there and change the course of history. In addition, this Hawk has taken a dangerous device in the nature of a nuclear suitcase bomb as well as plans to develop a delivery rocket system that Max has to have back at all costs. To do that, he wants Lou and his team to take a ride back in time to the year 1421 and not only secure the dangerous explosives, but to also secure the return of a oracle known as the Golden Flamingo who has been held as a captive so this Sin-Jin Hawk can win favor with the Emperor of China. However, Lou and Hilary have to figure out how to locate the Stargate device and then how to use it. Using the skills of Jeremy Kincaid, the go to technical genius on the team, they are able to discover a small transporter that can be used to travel in their present dimension. Using the small device, Lou is able to locate Hilary and recover her safely. In the course of that process their efforts take them to Nassau in the Bahamas and a meeting with a local voodoo Queen known as Big Mama who also has some requests of her own. It seems that Big Mama is not really Big Mama at all, but Egyptian Royalty known as Nefertiti who had to escape Egypt for face death at the hands of jealous relatives seeking the throne as Pharaoh in 1305 B.C.E. Having been transported to the twenty-first century, she now wants to go back and take her daughter with her who is the Golden Flamingo now held as a captive in China by this Sin-Jin Hawk. Realizing he had his hands full with nothing but strange problems, Lou seeks the aid of a college professor at Georgia Tech by the name of Archie Hammer, who is a specialist in Stargate technology. Transporting himself and Hilary to Dr. Hammer’s office he approaches Hammer with his problem and Hammer tells him that the technology is just a theory. When Malloy convinces Hammer it is no such thing, but the real deal because of the fact that he and Hilary were just dropped into Hammer’s office. Anxious to understand the workings of the device and to test his own theories on the subject, he agrees to go along with Lou and Hilary and return with them to Bonefish Cay. Once back on the island, Lou hooks Hammer up with Jeremy and the two of them start working on how to transport everyone, including the special machine used for travel called Mildred. Afterwards, Blue discovers that they might not be alone. Someone has left signs of their presence and Lou, Hilary and Lou’s dad along with Blue go and look for their visitor. It turns out that a pirate name Captain Jack Parrot had been hanging around the area hoping to find the location of a sunken treasure ship sunk in the 1800s. There was just one problem, it was the Parrot who sunk the ship and now he has come back to the present time through a portal created by the Stargate that transported Big Mama and Sin-Jin Hawk that is now the subject of everyone’s search. While all that is going on, Max shows up with Sin-Jin Hawk as a supposed prisoner who is claiming that he has seen the error of his ways and wants to do the right thing. Lou doesn’t believe word of it and Hilary just wants to kill him and get it over with.

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