Fear No Evil

A Indigo Marsh Detective Series
Fear No Evil
by J. Frank James

Indigo Marsh finally decided to attend a class reunion. It was taking place at the International Trade Center in Savannah. Since he was not practicing law any longer his first thought was not to go. But a friend of his had asked that he attend. While on his way to the Trade Center, he shares a ride with the exotic Coby Bettencourt. It all seemed so simple. And it was until all hell broke loose. A former law classmate turned major drug supplier, Robert DeLorenzo, has decided to attend. In the process, an attempt is made on his life and it becomes Indy’s job to do something about it. While trying to get to the bottom of what is going on, DeLorenzo makes an escape and Indigo Marsh is given the job of going after him. However, no trace of DeLorenzo can be found. Returning to Atlanta, Marsh learns that DeLorenzo was offered to be taken into the Government witness protection program, but since he couldn’t be found, that never panned out. DeLorenzo’s wife hires Indy to find her husband. In the course of that search, Marsh learns that Anna Sue Parker, his true love, has a contract on her life because of her past connection to a crime boss in New York. In an effort to assure Anna Sue’s safety, Marsh must help the NSA and the DEA put a stop to a drug operation in Mexico that has plans to hook up with a terrorist cell of Al-Qaeda.



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