Blue Cat in Paradise

Blue Cat In Paradise
by J. Frank James

Hilary Kelly’s friend is getting married in South America and Hilary is taking
Lou Malloy with her. There they meet with a Brazilian secret service operative, a dangerous German and a mysterious blue cat. Helping Hilary’s friend would seem simple enough for Lou Malloy, except he has to fight a corporate buyer hungry for land along the Rio Negro River, a ruthless outlaw who likes to kill his prisoners by removing their heads. And as if that is not enough, a dangerous tribe of Indians who make shrinking heads into an art form. Hilary is determined to help her friend and leaves it to Malloy to figure out the best way to do that. Read about all the crime bandits in action, Crusher, Jeremy and the mysterious Max Reynolds and learn how Lou Malloy and Hilary Kelly recover a hundred million in Nazi gold and at the same time prevent worldwide political turmoil as only Malloy and Kelly can do it.



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